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Navarino and C-Map combine for chart data delivery

The Maritime satellite communications provider Navarino and digital navigation specialist C-Map have jointly created a platform for delivering electronic chart data to ships. This is…

New Infinity Movie

We are excited to release our new Infinity movie. This short film includes interviews with customers who relate their experiences of using Infinity onboard their…


Navarino Steps Up Cyber Security

In the run up to Posidonia, Navarino announces that its latest cyber security review will be completed in time for the exhibition. The company regularly…


Would a Google Ship be beta?

Will shipping ever catch up with its automotive and airline counterparts interms of harnessing information technology? Shipping is years behind its automotive and airline cousins…


The data drive

From cutting energy costs to maintaining oil wells, the mountain of data generated every day in today’s digital world is transforming the way the Maersk…


Communicating your opinion

We asked 150 top owners and managers for their thoughts on the future of maritime communications. *First published in Maritime CEO satellite communications June 2015


The connectivity debate

Poor connectivity is the single largest factor disincentivising the best and brightest youth from espousing seafaring as a career.” That was the view of one…