Angel is the first cyber security service designed and developed to cater to the unique requirements of the merchant marine IT environment. The core component of the service offering is virtualized Unified Threat Management platform designed to be exclusively hosted within Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube. It is compatible with any satellite network and any IP-based communication solution. Angel secures a vessel’s business and crew networks by providing oversight, security threat alerting and control of the vessel’s entire network.

Main characteristics:

  • Fully managed service
  • Dedicated security team monitors vessel 24/7
  • Oversight, threat alerting and control of vessel’s entire network
  • 24 month contract
  • Maritime oriented IDS and IPS
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports
  • Compatible with any satellite network
  • 1-year offline archive

Angel is a virtualized solution comprising:

  • Stateful firewall – The first line of defence
  • Application firewall, tracking, QoS – Application-based control and security
  • Web filtering – Protection from visiting or re-directing to unwanted or malicious sites
  • Cloud-based antivirus – Protection for browsing and e-mails using Sophos cloud
  • Antispam – Multi-layered spam protection
  • Maritime oriented Intrusion Detection and Prevention. The Angel security-hardened configuration is tailored for maritime use
  • Honeypot – Network trap within Angel designed to lure out and identify malicious activity

In addition to these features, a dedicated, specialized security team monitors and correlates all security logs and events, identifying threats and distinguishing them from false alerts. Based in the Angel Security Operations Centre, they analyze the threat landscape, alerting when necessary and reporting at specific intervals to ensure that Angel operates smoothly, with all application and signature updates performed when needed.