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Digital Ship Event, Singapore

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Andriaki Shipping: Low cost Internet with 3 GB FB plan and Infinity

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Andriaki Shipping, has chosen for the MV ARION, the 3GB plan in conjunction with Sailor FBB 250 and 500 terminals. They also have the full…

Digital Ship Event, Bergen, Norway

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New VoIP service by INFINITY

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INFINITY has launched a new Voice over IP service that is specifically developed to connect vessels using INFINITY with the office at a minimal cost,…

INFINITY is the fastest growing bandwidth management and optimization solution

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INFINITY is the most sophisticated bandwidth management and optimization solution in the industry today, and a must-have for any satellite broadband user.  The system was…

INFINITY PLUS to be launched during POSIDONIA 2012

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INFINITY PLUS, the next generation of INFINITY, is ready for launch and will be demonstrated at POSIDONIA 2012, on Navarino’s stand.INFINITY PLUS has already been…