A powerful connectivity combination

SES Networks


SES Networks’ flexible Ku Band solutions offer connectivity options to cover every need. Take advantage of our unparalleled flexibility and availability combined with comprehensive management and support to ensure communications that are both smooth sailing and full speed ahead.



Navarino is a distributor of SES Networks, a leading satellite communication operator who provides services based on its own network of GEO satellites. This enables the provision of extended global coverage with a wide range of airtime plans based on a low contention ratio.

SES Networks provides trans-oceanic capacity and teleport services. It also provides scalable connectivity and a Mobility Managed Service which allows public internet access via Forward and Return Paths.

  • Service compatible with iDirect’s velocity platform
  • Seamless service connectivity
  • Global fleet of satellites with significant growth plans
  • Robust ground & MPLS network enabling multi-satellite access
  • Service integration for end-to-end solutions
  • Network Operations Centres with proactive network system and incident resolution processes
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • 24x7x365 technical support through both SES Networks and Navarino’s Network Operations Centres
  • Flexible Airtime Plans

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